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CHINA BusinessRail’19

In a changing business World and for its first time Blecksen Ltd will be attending from October 9th and 20th “CHINA BusinessRail’19”.
A twelve days long Experience that will allow to engage Business Opportunities and Networking between People at Local and International levels in an outgoing environment.
The program will include activities in Beijing, Shangai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao.
This experience will allow Blecksen to present its Services to the Chinese Market.
Building The Best Services Inspiring New Business Solutions.
Being Portugal, part of the European Union, the Euro Zone and the Schengen area, with a stable political and social environment, modern and quality infrastructure, a secure society, a highly skilled and English fluent labour force and an excellent quality of life, Portugal offers a favourable investment climate.
Aiming to encourage Chinese investments and investors, assisting locally Blecksen will make available its Services as being a gateway to Europe and other Portuguese speaking markets.
We elevate our clients’ experience at every stage of our cooperation.

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